We Value Your referrals

How does cash for referrals work?

When you refer someone to 'I Drive Norman' and that referral takes two rides with our service, then you will receive  $5 (standard Ride Pass) or $10 (Ride Pass Premium) to apply as credit to your ride pass account. You must currently use our transportation service or have completed two rides yourself. Because we rely on referrals and word-of-mouth to grow our business, we are happy to offer this referral program as a way of saying "thanks!" 

How do you spot a good referral?

- Someone who currently uses other ride share services to get around. (We can save them $$)

- Family Members

- Co-Workers

- Classmates

- Friends from church

- People you know from meetings

Please note: When you pass along a referral, make sure you know the individual. As we are a relationship business, it is important that our referrals come from reliable sources. When in doubt, give us a call.

Start referring today!

Submit your referrals

Earn $5 (or $10) for each referral when they complete their second ride. Please make sure to include your referrals phone number so that we can identify them if they call or text.

We appreciate your referrals!

We love our clients, so feel free to reach out during normal business hours.

I Drive Norman